20 December 2012


Recently, my printer already ran out its inks, So, I need to change my ink cartridges, when I visited the web-shop, I found the original ink cartridges is so expensive, So, I turn to compatible one. But, I found lot of negative comments about compatible ink cartridges, they said, ” ‘compatible’ is high cost-performance, but, you have to distinguish the real compatible ink cartridges, not fake one”.

Below is the content collected in the web, to talk about how to identify the  fake cartridges. We need to understand the usual means of forgery. According to the investigation in the fraud market, counterfeit and shoddy cartridges generally can be divided into four categories:

1.Both the product and the package are fake. Such products are completely fake, generally easier to identify, and the trick is stupid.

2.Package and anti-fake watermark all are real. This means that the packaging and ink cartridges is real, but the inside ink is fake. Such products are more common in the market, the packaging is over stripping from genuine, and cartridges use the original cartridge recycling box body, injected into the inferior ink. Means of forgery of such products is very clever, very difficult to identify. Because the packaging and ink cartridges are really, many dealers then try to mix the true and fake to sell. Though the ink is fake, if it runs out, then they can not be found easily. If the fraud supplier perfuse good-quality fake ink, then, it is much harder to find. As a result, though the cost for them maybe rise, but they still can earn lots.

3.Packaging is fake, but the cartridges are real, while the ink is fake.The previous method will use the original packaging, which is very troublesome, so more profiteers just use the fake packing, you know, current counterfeiting technology is already very high, such counterfeit packaging often reach real ones, the customers are very difficult to identify. Even you show any doubts to them, they immediately open the package, when you see the ink cartridge, Oh! Really! Bought.

4.Packaging is fake, but ink & cartridges are real. It sounds incredible, right? In fact, very common. But where are those packaging gone? Remember the two above mentioned? Yeah, all used for packaging the fake cartridges & inks. Some profiteers are sly to use these real packaging to wrap the fake cartridge & inks. Once the customers suspect it, the profiteers immediately unpack to show you the real cartridges inside.