07 December 2012



I ever used ShengDa cloud server(VPS), but that’s for server. Recently, I began to use cloud in my desktop.

Now, every morning, I will open my evernote, write down the todo list in a new document, and give it a easy remembered title. I also write down my notes and my burst idea. Evernote is just what i wanted before. You can regard it as word, but it can help synchronize all content to cloud, without worry losing them when hard-disk crashed. When You want to read it in another computer, you just download the software, lgoin, then patiently wait it, after minutes, you can see all your archived document.

Another is cloud-disk, it already became the hot words long before, we all know dropbox, skydrive, google drive etc. But, in China, you have to consider to use the local product for the network block by government. You can find exact replicators in CHina, they are baidu-yun, 360 yun, kingsoft cloud disk etc. What i am using now is baidu cloud. I used 360 cloud first, but shortly afterwords, i found the 360 cloud had the upload quota, that annoy me very much, then i gave up it and turned to baidu-cloud. I even map my desktop directly to the cloud, when i put files to the folder in the desktop, it immediatedly synchronizes to internet in the background. I will never worry about losing them now.

What’s more, I found even in my mobile phone, which is HTC android system. It has a file explore software, i forgot the exact name, it already integrates the cloud file, which means, you can open a file from your cloud disk in the internet, yeah! really awesome!

but, for me, i still think these are not enough at all, what i dream is, everything can be put to internet cloud, but very nature, very smooth, it is best that it cannot make me realize whether i am using local resource or cloud resource, that time, maybe i can throw away my local disk, never worry my hardware fault anymore.