07 December 2012


recently, I am using virtual host for SEO, but choosing virtual host is really a boring thing, I have tried many venders, but until now I cannot find a satisfied one.

Since i am living China, the shit government makes lots obstracle in the internet, so, I have to use VPN or proxy to access some foreign websit, what’more, the foreign company does not trust Chinese people’s credit, they often need to strictly validate our information …. all of this make my virtual host setup becomes trouble and frustrated.

I first select a virtual host in Taobao, which is the biggest C2C e-business website, I found a store running by a Chinese guy, their name is “LaoXueZhuJi( laoxuehost.com)”, it is really cheap, 5Yuan/mo,  so, I bought 2 virtual host, after trying sometime, I found they are very slow unless you use VPN, and more bad thing is, they often down, the answer from their helpdesk, is , the physical server is attacted by DDOS,  God!

I have to turn to other famous vender, some friend suggest me “hostgator.com”, it is not so expensive, so, i think, why not try? I applied for 1 month trial, spend 8$, but, nightmare came, then. My account is blocked after I used for 1 day. I talked to their online helpdesk, they ask me to verify my account, they said maybe i miss some information or wrong information. but you know, calling USA is quite expensive cost for Chinese, I tried to use skype, but failed(it’s another story, skype is trash, at least for me), so, I asked them to call me, then I get a call from hostgator. The girl asked me the account name, but I cannot give her the satisfied answer, because i do forget the exact information I input 2 days before, she insist that she cannot verify me. I was angry! I told her I cannot provide other information, and if she cannot help me to verify, i will use hostgator never. Fortunately, at last, she passed my verification.

Then, I tried bluehost, which is the most famous host. I have to say, it really deserves it, the register and purchasing process is very smooth, and at last, I bought whole year service. Without networkband, disk, and domain parking limitation, yeah! I am satisfied with it.

Still, I investigated some other vender, but not try, just compared their products and packages, most are not impressive, except ixwebhosting, their package can provide 15 dedicated IPs for us,cool, but I missed their promotion duration, so, i wanna to wait Christmas for their promotion coupon.

That’s my virtual host selection experience, hope can help you!